Holiday Pampering

The holidays are approaching and we are all thinking about our loved ones.

And around this time, we are now on a mission to scout for the very best presents that can help us express how much we love and value our family and friends. One present that will never go out of style is the gift of pampering which is also known as the gift of "me" time. 

During this extremely busy season, it is the perfect time to show that special someone that you truly care and value their time by giving them the opportunity to unwind and relax with much comfort in their own home.

It may just be a simple treat but it will surely bring a bigger smile to your dearest one.

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The Benefits of Mobile Chair Massage

Stress at work? Yikes! We all go through it for sure. For employers, it is very important to maintain a healthy workplace, especially for their employees. One simple and affordable solution is providing mobile chair massage at work bring bountiful benefits to all.

Research has shown that there are various benefits from having a stress recess like scheduling a chair massage. Massage has shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, increase energy, decrease anxiety, improve joints, and even increase immunity to cold and flu. In addition, we have witnessed same-day results that lasted for weeks!

In just little as 15 minutes, these mini massage breaks bring such great value and can aid in reducing pain, stress, and distractions. Chair massage for workplaces has become much more prevalent in their employee wellness program because it also increases productivity and improves performance and creative thinking. Chair massage has been proven to be quite handy and once it has been included in the company’s routine, you will notice the improvement within your team immediately.

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Organic Skincare

Last week, I was sitting across from my 82-year-old mother and found myself staring at her face. Something was slightly different. Her skin looked firmer, healthier-glowing a bit. I had not seen her in a few weeks so the thought of a little plastic surgery did cross my mind. She joked for years about a little nip and tuck here and there but she would tell me right? So of course, I said something. I told her how great she looked (because she did) so she had the opportunity to spill the beans. She said, “it is the cream you told me about.” I could not believe my ears that I was getting all the credit for introducing her to this wonderful organic skincare line I discovered about 10 years ago called Savor Beauty. I was excited to think that my skin may look like hers when I am her age since I use the line religiously twice a day. It truly is an amazing line and I think it works!

Summer Fun in the Sun

Protect your skin from the sun

With the weather heating up and lots of fun summertime activities around the corner, be sure to have a good skin care routine.  Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun can have lasting benefits.

1.  Always wear a high quality sunscreen.  Even if you use a foundation or powder, make sure your first layer is at least an SPF 30 moisturizer. 

2.  Sunscreen has an expiration date, so be sure to keep it fresh and check that your current product is still offering the protection you need.

3.  Moisturizer is key.  Skin tends to be more dry when spending time in the sun, so protect your skin with daily moisturizer.  A nice trick is to carry a small sample size bottle in your bag for reapplications throughout the day.

4.  Cover up when you can.  Bring a light sweater or wide brimmed hat to the beach to provide some helpful shade.  These items provide great protection from the sun and offer a nice break for your skin.

5.  If you did get too much sun, take care of any burns with specialty sunburn products as soon as possible.  Natural aloe is a great source of relief and is found in many over the counter products.