Five Ways to Appreciate You

It is that time of year where we give thanks and show gratitude to those around us.  But there is one person we often leave out, ourselves. This year let Primp help you show a little appreciation for your own body. 

Here are five ways you can take care of you:

1.  Fitness. You have heard the benefits of staying fit -  it reduces your chances for injuries, slows the aging process, delivers oxygen to your outer extremities and reduces stress levels. And while our intentions are good we often start fitness programs that we do not see through. Fact is we are all different and finding a program that is right for you is critical. Even just one visit with a qualified personal trainer can help you create a program that works for you which in turn might help keep you working out.

2. Nutrition. There are so many articles and opinions on nutrition it is hard to know what to do.  Seeing a nutritionist can help you make sense of it but in lieu of that, there are few things that most nutritionists agree on. Shop the perimeter of the food market as that is where the fresh meat and produce are available. Eat healthy snacks in between meals to avoid ravenous hunger. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.  Your skin, mood, body and soul will thank you for honoring them with nutrients they need.

3.  Body Massage.  It is no secret that massage therapy hosts a long list of health benefits.  A body massage can help ease muscle and back pain, enhance immunities, improve skin condition, lessen depression and anxiety, increase joint flexibility, lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and increase feel good hormones.  It is one hour of goodness that can last you for days.

4.  Skincare.   “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a long time” – Linden Tyler.  A combination of simple daily care and a monthly facial can do wonders for you skin. It will keep it clean, clear and help it to retain hydration. It will keep your pores clean deep down, and additionally actually make them smaller. It can also help diminish the signs of aging. So take a little time and make sure you’re putting your best face forward.

5.  Manicures and Pedicures.  There is maybe no part of our bodies that needs to be thanked more than our hands and feet. Routine manicures and pedicures are a healthy habit that will prevent hangnails, promote nail growth, improves health and texture of nails and will keep cuticles well moisturized.  Some people are surprised by this but fact is when you feel good about your hands and feet, it boosts your overall confidence as well.

There is your five. We hope you find the time for you this holiday season and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!