Haircare Under The Sun


It is time to let our hair down and let it blow in the wind! The sun is out and we are all ready to have all the fun during these summery days.

But how about on those days when heat and humidity also want to come out to play? Does your hair have the proper care to avoid the damages that the sun's overpowering rays can possibly bring your way?

Taking care of the texture, color, and moisture of our hair is very essential especially during the seasons where the weather can easily affect it but we have prepared three important hair tips that can help you combat heat damages to your hair.

1. For texture:

Your hair is already exposed in the heat so using hair tools like blow dryers and flat irons during this season can affect your hair's texture.

Try taking advantage of the warm air and air dry your hair instead of blow drying it. You can also give your hair a break by rocking the natural beauty of it, whether straight or curly, throughout the summer.

2. For color:

You need extra TLC for color-treated hair! Chemical treatments and beaming sunshine can bring damage to your hair. It can lead to color fading and extreme dryness.

To make sure that you are protecting your hair color, try to avoid exposing it to the sunlight directly and condition it accordingly. Fashionably, you can wear a hat or a scarf that will give your outfit that extra bang.

3. For moisture:

How about an overnight treatment? Just like face masks that work their magic overnight, recommended hair masks can also do the same. The instructions are very simple: apply the hair mask overnight and let your hair absorb all the good stuff.

Your hair will be rejuvenated and be good to go first thing in the morning.

Enjoy the summer and rock on with your healthy hair!