Primp In-Home was born out of the frustrations of some busy moms who found they were taking more and more care of others and less and less care of themselves. Instead of giving up, they sought out people who would work around their schedule. They were very happy to discover that not only could they find someone to do their hair highlights in their home after the kids had gone to bed, but they didn't have to sacrifice the level of expertise they were accustomed to at a salon. As they told others of their experiences, they were amazed to find how many women had the same needs. They were also surprised to discover how much top New York talent there was that would be willing to work on-site. They thought how great it would be if someone could bring these two together. And then they thought, why not us?

Our first step was finding the right talent. So we scoured New York and carefully put together an exceptional roster of specialists. We interviewed them, tried them out and kept going until we found talent with the ideal mix of skill, personality, professionalism and integrity. All our Talent have extensive training and years of experience at some of the most well-regarded salon, spa and wellness facilities. And, they are devoted to first-class service in the ease and comfort of your own surroundings.

This talent combined with dedication to service and top-of-the line products will provide you with an outstanding experience you may not have thought possible outside of a salon, spa or gym. We look forward to working with you and helping you, at least for a night, sit back, relax and primp!