Winter Skin Care: Love Thy Face

“Love your face” is what my sisters and I would say to each other when buying skincare products, especially in the cold, dry, winter months.  The cold-dry air takes away a thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin.  So, here are some simple tips we put together to keep your skin healthy and happy during the frosty  months.

1.  Moisturize, moisturize…. and then MOISTURIZE.  Up your daily routine for all over moisturizing.

2.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Without proper H20, skin turns dry, tight, and flakey, making it less resident and more prone to wrinkling.  It is recommended that you consume 8 glasses of water a day.  Remember, your skin is the largest organ of the human body.  

3.  Take lukewarm showers/baths and reduce your soaking time.  Hot showers and baths will strip your skin’s moisture.  

4.  Use gentle skin cleansers and avoid harsh scrubs.  Moisturizing post bath while  the skin is still damp will maximize absorption into your skin.

5.  Avoid harsh face peels, scrubs, masks, and astringents that are alcohol based.  Gentler skin products do less damage and won’t dry out your skin the way harsh products do.

6.  Remember your sun block!  During cold months, people are more prone to windburn.  Windburn is, ironically caused by the SUN.  Apply sun block daily; this should be part of your skin care routine year-round.

7.  Dress appropriately for the winter with thick scarves and hats.  Wear comfortable, loose fitting garments made of breathable cotton fabric.  Avoid harsh wools or polyesters directly on your skin that can cause chaffing of the skin.  

8.  Mind your hands.  The skin on your hands is thinner than other parts of the body and has less oil glands, making your hands more susceptible to winter drying.  So, not only should you wear gloves, but you should have hand lotion with you at all times.

9.  Remember to exercise. Exercise has a lot of benefits including reducing stress, which causes eczema flare-ups.  Exercise is not only good for stress relief, but is obviously good for the body. Working out comes in various forms including yoga, ice skating, or running.  Everyone’s routine is different; it is important to keep strong and have fun at the same time.

10. Get spa treatments.  Seriously—this may be a shameless plug but it is important to PRIMP!  Getting a manicure, massage, or facial keeps the body vibrant and promotes wellness all year round, especially when we are trying to fight the winter blues.

Anna KofflerSkin careComment