Staying Fit in the Heat of Summer

summer health and fitness

With the end of summer approaching its easy to dream about the cooler temperatures of fall and the autumn activities that are just around the corner.  But don't run out of the house for your workout without a water bottle and sunscreen just yet!  Here are a few important reminders to keep you fit and cool for the remainder of summer.

1.  Pick a shady spot.  If your workout involves stationary activities like push ups or bench jumps, find a spot in the shade.  While running or biking will inevitably have you in the sun, take advantage of any breaks you can away from the harmful rays.  You will stay cool and be able to keep your workout on track.

2.  Know when to say when.  Some days are just too hot, and even though your regular workouts are important, don't risk over doing it.  Everyone has a different level of comfort in the heat and depending on the intensity of your workout, it's easy to over do it.  If you feel dizzy or nauseous or begin to get a headache, you should hydrate, cool down and seek medical help if necessary.

3.  Don't forget your water bottle.  It may seem obvious to those who work out regularly, but making sure to have plenty of water during your workout is critical.  A nice trick is to fill part of your container with ice so you've got an extra cool drink for a long time.

4.  Shorter days means less time for outdoor activity.  With summer waning, it's tempting to move workouts to an earlier part of the day to take advantage of the daylight.  But be careful not to get caught in temperatures that are higher than you expected.

Don't forget that summer temperatures are still with us even though Fall is around the corner.  Staying fit will have you feeling great and ready for all the fun of Autumn.