The Ultimate Beauty Tips to Look Stunning This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to get extremely busy with all the hustle and bustle in trying to get things done in a very short amount of time! 
But in the midst of all, it is still  important to take care of yourself especially with all the endless holiday parties.

Because everything just instantly turns into a time-sensitive matter during the holidays, we whipped up these quick beauty do's to save the day...and your time!


Longer days plus longer nights can definitely affect your glow. One way to conceal the darkness and bring the brightness right back to your face is applying white eyeliner in your waterline and inner corners. This can help bring the sunshine back to your eyes.


Want a long-lasting tint on your lips? Apply foundation on your lips prior to applying lipstick. It will for sure hold the color down so you will not have to worry about stopping in your tracks just to reapply the color.


Ouch! A nicked nail can be such a bother but thanks to this easy trick, you can fix it in just seconds. Simply dip your nail in a polish remover then quickly rub it over the chip toward the tip of your nail to smooth it out.

Dab some polish in the bare spot to fill it in and voila! You have saved a secondary trip to your manicurist.


No time to blow dry your hair? No worries. You can jet out of the door and still have beautiful hair once air-dried.

Blot your hair with a towel, spritz some volumizing spray, and brush your hair thoroughly. In just 20 minutes you will have thick and volumized locks.


Makeup on then makeup off! After making sure that the makeup stays on throughout the holiday party, we would not really want to spend the same amount of time removing the products applied on our skin.

To remove makeup in a flash, grab a facial wipe before the lather-and-rinse process. This trick will get the job done and your face will thank you for it.