Modern Girls' Time

It is summertime and everyone is just planning the fun parties and get-togethers since the beautiful weather makes it easier for our families and friends to say “yes” to the invites! 

If you are specifically thinking about getting your girl crew together and you are in need of some inspirations on how to make it one of the best mini-reunions this summer, we have the perfect suggestions! 

A beauty and massage bar will always be a hit to our hardworking women and there are various combinations that can be put together to create the absolute set-up:

face masks
diy mask bar

Mask Station - Gather your favorite face masks and tackle all those skin imperfections away! 

diy nail bar
in-home nail service

Mani Station - Pamper those beautiful hands up with the color to match everyone’s mood.

make-up station for events

Make-up Station - Set this station up with the “must-try” makeup brands for you and your girls to play with. Discover each other’s favorite products and helpful makeup tips.