DIY: Honey-Sugar Body Scrub

DIY: Honey-Sugar Body Scrub

Maintain your natural glow with our DIY body scrub.
A natural body scrub can aid in exfoliating your skin and get rid of dead particles. The best part is, it is all organic, fully customizable for your skin needs, and definitely affordable.

Here are more benefits of skin-exfoliating:

- healthier skin
- blood circulation improvement
- promotes skin hydration
- clears blemishes
- reduces stress
- decreases pore size
- releases natural oils

Honey-Sugar Body Scrub Recipe
- place a jar of honey in the microwave for 30 seconds or until the consistency is runny and warm to touch.
- in a small bowl, pour a quarter-cup of honey and mix in organic white sugar or brown sugar.
- add in the extra virgin oil.
- you can also add in aloe vera gel or any essential oils for scents and additional benefits.
- mix all the contents in the bowl and once blended, it can be used immediately. Any excess can be stored in a jar with a tight lid.

To apply:

- start with a spoonful of your homemade body scrub. place it on the palm of your hands and and gently massage the scrub over the desired areas. rinse the scrub with a washcloth once you are content with the application. we do suggest to use a warm washcloth to make it more invigorating.
And voila! You are all set to enjoy this marvelous beauty treat. Let us all glow up.