Organic Skincare

Last week, I was sitting across from my 82-year-old mother and found myself staring at her face. Something was slightly different. Her skin looked firmer, healthier-glowing a bit. I had not seen her in a few weeks so the thought of a little plastic surgery did cross my mind. She joked for years about a little nip and tuck here and there but she would tell me right? So of course, I said something. I told her how great she looked (because she did) so she had the opportunity to spill the beans. She said, “it is the cream you told me about.” I could not believe my ears that I was getting all the credit for introducing her to this wonderful organic skincare line I discovered about 10 years ago called Savor Beauty. I was excited to think that my skin may look like hers when I am her age since I use the line religiously twice a day. It truly is an amazing line and I think it works!