The Benefits of Mobile Chair Massage

Stress at work? Yikes! We all go through it for sure. For employers, it is very important to maintain a healthy workplace, especially for their employees. One simple and affordable solution is providing mobile chair massage at work bring bountiful benefits to all.

Research has shown that there are various benefits from having a stress recess like scheduling a chair massage. Massage has shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, increase energy, decrease anxiety, improve joints, and even increase immunity to cold and flu. In addition, we have witnessed same-day results that lasted for weeks!

In just little as 15 minutes, these mini massage breaks bring such great value and can aid in reducing pain, stress, and distractions. Chair massage for workplaces has become much more prevalent in their employee wellness program because it also increases productivity and improves performance and creative thinking. Chair massage has been proven to be quite handy and once it has been included in the company’s routine, you will notice the improvement within your team immediately.

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