With Extra Love

Love is in the air as we are about to enter the month that is filled with hearts. Our minds are busy with figuring out what type of special surprises we can come up with for our loved ones and we want to make sure that we go an extra mile to show them how special they are on Valentine’s Day. Flowers, candies, and candle-lit dinners are one of the most common gifts that are given during this holiday. Some prefer to serenade their loved ones with songs or shower them with luxurious gifts such as a brand new vehicle with a pretty bow on top!

But how about some quality time with your special someone?

The gift of personal time is still as important as splurging on luxurious gifts. Looking for an ideal gift that will give you an opportunity to show your appreciation to your loved ones along with your dedicated time attached to it? We have got you covered!

Our luxurious on-demand salon and spa services are fully customizable and elegantly put together. We make all experiences stress-free, manageable, and most of all, memorable. The goal is for our professionals to bring their services to the comfort of your own location at your own time. The services that we provide are outstanding and our specialists are truly superb. 

The list of our main services consists of:

Massage Therapy
Hair Styling
Fitness Training
and very much more.

For inquiry on the services above, please call us at (212) 217-6038 or send us a note via e-mail so we can provide assistance. To view a list of our services, click here.

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