Pedi-Care: Winter Tips

Cold weather got your feet feeling blue?

During the winter time, we have no choice but to cover up and keep certain parts of our body from the cold. One, in particular, is our feet and because it is always covered up during this season, we tend to also provide it with less attention and maintenance since it would be rarely seen in any scene.

But must we wait until the sun is shining on our feet again to continue to give it some love? Lucky us, we do not need to! Let us give you some DIY winter tips that will make you have happy feet again no matter what season we are in.

The Sweetest Soak:
Ahhh...this one comes in handy especially on those rough days at work. Here is our favorite —
Anti-oxidant Honey Foot Soak.

Just drop a cup of honey into a shallow tub of warm water and with a 15-minute soak, your feet will feel softer than ever.

The Invigorating Scrub:
We might not be able to erase our coldest days but we can for sure scrub the dead skin away with our DIY Peppermint Foot Scrub.

What we need:

1/2 granulated sugar
4 drops of peppermint oil
coconut oil

Once swirled in together, we can then start applying it directly to our feet. Scrub the homemade potion and soak your feet in warm weather afterward. A slice of heaven for sure!

Moisturizing Socks:

Whether you start with our DIY soak or scrub, it is very important that we keep our feet moisturize especially in this harsh weather. Dry feet during winter can easily cause cracked heels and can lead into multiple disorders such as athlete’s foot. Our simple solution?
Our DIY Jelly socks!

To restore moisture back in our feet, we will only need a few things:

a pair of socks
petroleum jelly 

Before bed, coat your feet with the jelly and massage it evenly. Apply the socks once done and voila! The jelly will be working its magic overnight while you are getting your beauty sleep.

We hope you all enjoyed our mini DIYs and remember, our feet need TLC all throughout the 4 seasons and it only takes 1,2,3 to make it all happen.