Insoles That Will Make Your Feet Dance

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Are you having slight discomfort with walking? Is it making you stay away from your favorite pair of shoes? 

Well, have no fear! We present to you an easy trick that can help you enjoy moving around in your favorite shoes once again.

Did you know that there are various types of insoles that can directly cater to the podiatric issues that you may be having? If you are experiencing foot pain or just want to overall avoid foot-related issues, there are insoles that are designed for specific feet categories and activities. There are three different feet categories: over-pronators or flat feet, neutral foot-types, hyper-supinators or high-arched. 

Already know the category where your feet belongs? Great! Let us get started on finding the best insole for you.

For High-Arches:

Hyper-supinator feet requires a highly cushioned, flexible running sole. The flexibility of the insole is very important so it can customize its shape and support the hilly shape of the feet. It is also important for the insoles to be lightweight so it won’t feel like a burden when you are running around. We recommend insoles that are made with memory foam such as HappyStep.

For Flat Feet:

What is important for flat-footed individuals is firmness. The insoles need to provide support from heel to toe and it should have multiple layers of cushion with the flexibility to help with proper posture. We recommend insoles with cushioning layers and shock-absorption such as Spence RX.

For Neutral Foot Types:

With choosing the right insoles for the neutral-footed individuals, it is best to base it on the type of activity that you want your feet to be supported in. For example, insoles for walking all day are usually labeled as the all-purpose insoles. Walking insoles are created with specific fabric that would keep away moisture to keep the feet cool and dry throughout the day. Try Sof Sole if you would like to support your walking.

For runners, active insoles that can provide control, stability, and support for your feet during fast-paced activities. Brands such as Vionic are highly recommended for running. 

Last but not least, insoles for individuals who have jobs or activities that require them to stand all day. Maximum support is indeed needed for all-day standers. A super deep heel cup can provide the support needed and it can also help position the soft tissue to naturally absorb shock. Superfeet Green is highly recommended for this all-day activity.