Benefits of Pressure Points


Stress and anxiety can be experienced daily in our lives and it can be caused by numerous things. One of the possible reasons is based on his/her environment and living in the city can be as stressful as it can be every single day. Dealing with endless traffic and crowds, an individual’s stress and anxiety level can easily increase swiftly due to the hustle and bustle within the city.

As much as possible, it is extremely important to have natural relieving remedies that can help with calming one’s self on-the-go. Our bodies have pressure points that can quickly provide relief from stress and anxiety. When the pressure builds throughout the day, some solutions are available tp be used anytime and anywhere. Try some of the effective methods using the pressure points and your fingerprints that are listed below:

To treat stress, headaches, toothaches, and facial pain, apply pressure on your muscle that is situated between the thumb and index finger on either hand.

For migraine and low energy, the muscles behind the ear and back of the neck can be self-massaged for instant relief.

Being in larger crowds can be nauseating. Applying pressure around the muscles located on the side of your legs can help. 

Decreasing hypertension while on the move is possible. It is as easy as applying pressure in between eyebrows. This is also known as the third-eye point.

Been writing and typing in school or work all day? Apply mild pressure on the inside of both wrists to receive this pressure point’s soothing benefits.